UPP League Network Affiliate Program


Here is a little background on our philosophy and the purpose of the Affiliate League before jumping right in:

          The purpose of the UPP League Network is to unite all types of fitness coaches towards raising our collective knowledge so that we can have the maximum impact on our clients, our communities, and society as a whole. In fact, Our tagline, WAKE UPP. WORK UPP. MOVE UPP. is a representation of that philosophy. We aim to WAKE UPP our clients by assessing their nutrition, movement quality, recovery, and motivation, and then coming up with a plan of action. They then WORK UPP to having some success, and their success influences the community around them, in the gym and their personal lives. When we feel connected to our community, we can help change our community. As our communities grow healthier and more capable we can then MOVE UPP to making an impact on society at large. The UPP League Network is our vehicle to connect fitness coaches all across the country and worldwide so we can make that impact on society. A healthier society positively affects the day to day world in a lot of ways (less disease, less healthcare costs, longer more capable lives, etc.) and it is up to us, the fitness professionals, to lead the way. 


In joining this network we will lay out the baseline knowledge needed to properly assess your clients, develop working cues for them, be able to breakdown any skill into workable chunks to get the best performance out of them, help them understand nutrition, and most importantly show them how to stay motivated and overcome any of life’s obstacles that get in their way of success. In addition, we will teach the methods we used to build the brand, including how to market yourself with various budgets, how to get people in your door, convert them to clients, and then retain them. We also will discuss how to scale upp your business as you grow your roster of clients and/or athletes. This includes buying equipment (direct/competitive bidding), facility design and developing a plan for growth. Finally we will review the nine principles of program design, and teach you how to use them to build programs that are effective for the long haul, and build self-sufficiency. 


A couple of points to keep in mind going throughout all of the content each month. First, as far as creating self-sufficient clients, that fits directly with the UPP philosophy and mission statement of educating our clients and athletes as we work with them. This is a cornerstone to our success and should be remembered anytime there are decisions to be made. The philosophy is a lens in which we filter our decision making to ensure we are providing what we feel is the best  program for them. Second, the UPP League Network is for ALL types of fitness coaches. Personal trainers, strength coaches, functional fitness coaches, group exercise instructors all can use this model to better coach their clients, and build their businesses. We will teach a certain way to organize the workouts with selection of exercises, work/rest ratios, and periodization, but this course is NOT a “how to be a personal trainer/coach/instructor” network. The knowledge here is meant to enhance the skills you have already learned, so things like load selection, training for hypertrophy and the like won’t be discussed in detail here, but more so referenced in relation to how to build programs. We offer specialty courses that discuss these details at length if that is what you need. Next, it should be pointed out that this network can work for you even if you don’t want to open and run your own gym. If you’re an independent contractor, or train out of a gym as an employee, this system CAN still work for you as well because, again, the goal is to build a network of trainers and gyms to help everyone. High tide raises all ships. Lastly, this network is meant to serve as a jump off point. That is to say, that once each module is completed, we will all be on the same page as to where we feel being a good coach starts. The goal is to continue to grow, and we certainly will help with that via our specialty courses, but the content of these courses will and should be added to as we continue to grow our network and learn from all the coaches in our collective network. 

Now let’s look at our philosophy in graph form.

Below you will notice a pyramid moving from general foundational elements on the bottom, to reaching our goals on top. Remember, a pyramid is only as tall as its base. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 10.13.57 PM

Starting at the bottom we see the elements that are foundational to our success in building lifelong, self-sufficient clients and athletes. These elements are the gateway to self improvement. Above all else we need to teach that proper nutrition (which can be in many forms based on the needs of the person) is paramount for success. Good recovery and a solid exercise plan will be mitigated without the proper nutrition.  Similarly , until we address poor movement patterns or fix painful movements, progress is stalled. Addressing these items first will set the tone of how we intend to educate our clients along the entire journey up the pyramid. The first lesson , as you will hear in the movement assessment video, starts by identifying deficiencies, and then relating them to the current pain/loss of movement/limitations they are currently experiencing. This helps to develop their critical thinking skills as they start to connect how their current lack of movement, poor nutrition, etc. are actually affecting their daily lives. There is not a specific timeline to move to the next level, and in fact it is possible to move up while still mastering some of the foundational principles, similar to how athletes of all levels still have to work on fundamentals even as they improve their skills. This level is also where we will start to help the person develop skills to become and stay motivated. It should be noted that how all of this is accomplished is exactly what you will learn being in this network along with our specialty seminars and courses. 


Next, as we devise a plan we explain how the long term plan will fit the nine principles of training programs, and that for lifetime success, these principles need to be met. Taking motivation one more step, we then look to build strategies to overcome life’s obstacles. This is the biggest thing after nutrition that will help build self efficacy for the individual, as it will provide them workable solutions to any issue that may arise. 


We accomplish this by teaching how to use behavior change models for themselves so they have the confidence and tools to overcome and/or rebound from things that may impede their progress. 


At some point we reach the top. This does not mean we will then lose the client, however it does mean that if we were to walk away they will be just fine on their own. That is our definition of success. They are now more capable humans making a greater impact on the world, and their goals will change and we are still there to help them. And should they go off on their own, the people they influence will come your way for the same education and direction.

How to become an Affiliate member

The UPP League Network is a monthly subscription service that will provide you with learning modules, videos , and discussions each month. The topics will cover the following topics:

  • how to get clients
  • client retention
  • advanced skill breakdown
  • exercise programming
  • marketing
  • business (tax prep, budgeting, equipment purchasing, facility design, etc)
  • how to scale up your business
  • nutrition counseling, meal prep
  • holistic fitness
  • running programming
  • client adherence
  • motivation
  • behavior change models
  • mobility

…..and so much more. many of these topics will include quest experts in these areas to add to the proven UPP model.

In addition to the monthly videos, education modules, and assessments, you will be enrolled in all of our webinars, which are the pinnacle of the League. As stated before in these meet ups/webinars we will  be discussing 2-3 topics every 2-3 months with all of the League members, where we can all learn from each other and expand our collective knowledge.


  • You will also have access to our daily strength training workouts as well as our olympic weightlifting routines via our programming Instagram page.
  • we will have a location finder on our site highlighting all League members’ locations so when traveling clients can find a like-minded gym.
  • you will also receive a newsletter to send to your clients, with a space provided for you to add local events and news about your gym/services.


The program is only $15 each month (one year commitment) and once you join the first thing will be a video chat with UPP Owners Pete and Chelsi to go over the success formula, and basic assessment and coaching philosophies to ensure we are all on the same page.


Each month you will receive a module that contains videos, assessments, and other info on the topics mentioned above. You simply fill out the assessment and the UPP main site will review the answers and respond with any additional comments.

The goal is to learn strategies to make you a more effective coach and fine tune your business acumen. We envision this whole process as an open continued dialogue with all League members aimed at helping us all grow and make a bigger health impact on the world. Lofty we know, but our passion and desire to lead is what pushes us to be the best we can be!



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