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If you are reading this, then you know all about the former athlete paradox. After years of grinding for your sport on the field, court, in the weight room, waking up early, and eating what the coaches and trainers told you , you were done.

You needed a break. Your career as an athlete was done. Mentally and physically you were exhausted, and pushing your body that hard was not appealing anymore since you were no longer competing.

This is very common and very understandable.

So now it’s been a few years and you are missing the body and athleticism you had at that point and you think, ” I know, I’ll just do the workouts I did when I was playing my sport“.

This problem then is you realize that when you had strength coaches and trainers handling all of the details, telling you when to progress, what weights to use, or how to even do a lift, this idea becomes a bit overwhelming.

Or possibly you know what to do you are just lacking the motivation to work that hard again because you don’t have a “season” or an event to train for.

Since leaving the collegiate strength and conditioning world to start UPP I have been contacted by many former athletes of mine to help them regain their fitness for these exact reasons. Since Coach Chelsi retired from professional running even she has had those days where she felt she needed to stop altogether. However, she has seen the value of getting back to training hard even when there aren’t events or meets on her calendar.

We know what it is like

In fact, there are several things that hold most people back:

  • lack of knowledge on how to start
  • lack of knowledge on how their current lifestyle is hurting them
  • scared of what working with a personal trainer will entail
  • they feel they are not in shape enough to start working out
  • I don’t want to “bulk” if i use weights

The solution to all of these factors IS working with a personal trainer. Why? because we can show you the correct way to improve your health (SAFELY). IMG_0649.jpg


Did you know that leg strength is linked to longevity?

There have been several studies ( Here are just two: Newman, etc. 2006, and Bouchard, Heroux & Janssen, 2011) that have linked leg strength to longevity. These studies showed that the weaker your lower body was the closer to mortality you were, and that increases in leg strength were a keys to improving overall physical function AND mortality.  BUT it wasn’t just physical improvements, another study said:

“The researchers found that leg strength was a better predictor of brain health than any other lifestyle factor looked at in the study.”

“It suggests that simple lifestyle changes to boost our physical activity may help to keep us both mentally and physically healthy.”


In short, getting stronger is the key to being a more capable version of you! There are several factors of course like nutrition and rest as well, so let us help you navigate this journey.


How can we help? were are running an 8 week program designed for individuals 50 and older who are actively seeking to improve their quality of life. The program is normally $560 for 16 sessions (twice a week for 8 weeks) but we are offering this program for over 45% off or $300. And there is more!

  • a custom screening to evaluate your needs, and any medical concerns to be cautious of
  • a detailed report of your initial screening, workouts, and results
  • discounts on any future personal training packages you may purchase
  • AND…… 100% money back if you do not reach the goals set during the initial consultation.

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