Sports Performance

Sports Performance & Team Training Rates (1-1.5 hour long sessions):

We train athletes of all sports and ability levels, whether they are just getting started or are looking to enhance their performance and get to the next level, we are here to help them improve! Co-Owners/Head Trainers, Pete Townley and Chelsi Woodruff, both have athletic backgrounds and know exactly what it takes to get athletes to that next level. Pete is a former collegiate strength and conditioning coach, and Chelsi is a former D1 cross country and track athlete for Florida State and former professional runner for ASICS GTC-ELITE.IMG_3514

One-On-One and Group Rates are the same as our Personal Training Rates

Sports Team Rate (5+ athletes & same sport) = $600 per team/month & includes 2 sessions per week

We approach training our athletes (individually or with a group) as if they were in a team strength and conditioning program. That is to say, we can train them year round for their sport by putting their routines into phases based on when they compete. This way they can make progress all year without risk of injury or burnout.

A sample year might look like this:


  • Off-season, January-June : work on getting bigger, then stronger, then more powerful in smaller 6 week phases
  • Pre-season, July-August: less strength volume more sport specific (and position specific) skill work.
  • In-season, September-November: lower training volume, with slight strength progression over the season to handle the rigors of games and practices.
  • Post-Season, December: medium volume, recovery and mobility. IMG_9052

We can tailor the workouts to what the athletes are doing on the court, field, ice, or track.





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