Online Personal Training


How does the online training work?

-paid monthly ($20)

-Fill out questionnaire, and schedule your first phone/Skype consult with Pete or Chelsi. in this consultation you will learn all about how our success formula works, and how we will help to get you motivated AND stay motivated.

– Receive a movement analysis ( via video chat, or submission) to identify potential movement deficiencies, and a personalized Success Formula that will outline your road map to success. This will include an overall fitness rating, with “mile markers” added into to keep you on track.

– Receive 4 weeks of programming at a time, completely prepared for the individual client.

– receive a personal web space for weekly video submissions, nutrition logs, and other communications from Pete.

– access to the UPP  online community, a place to chat and get to know others on the same programs. Think of it as a virtual gym! You’ll have the same accountability as a real gym, and the friendly competition that goes with a fun positive atmosphere of others cheering you on to success.

– 15% discount on store items, such as books, clothes , and other items.

-Receive copy of E-book on 5 steps to fix your squat!

-Upon signing up you will receive your promo code for discounts on store items, instructions for logging into your web space, and the questionnaire.





2 Replies to “Online Personal Training”

  1. I worked out with Pete through high school and absolutely loved it! His program was always fun and challenging. I was able to gain 3 inches on my vertical with his help.

  2. Quality training from a quality guy. I worked with Pete in college. He not only helped me improve my lifts, but I saw him touch the lives of everyone in our sports community with his knowledge and caring demenour.

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