Gym Membership:

WAKE UPP: (open gym only) $100/month

  • Personalized success plan built for you, that includes a step by step guide to reaching your goals based on the initial assessment and consultation (included in the price)
  • A workout plan will be written for based on the success formula that address the main findings of the assessment; updated monthly
  • Allowed to workout

MOVE UPP: Open gym plus Personal training. Add $45 to any of the personal training packages.


Total Body Fitness (TBF): M-F 6:00 -7:00 am,

TBF is our flagship class designed to function as a true strength and conditioning class, by that we aim to provide a progressive class that will have several changing phases throughout the year. This is a fancy way of saying we are going to get you stronger and leaner, with continuous results, without causing overuse injuries.  Each phase will be 4-6 weeks in length and focus on a certain aspect of your total body’s fitness. Each week the entire weeks’ workouts will be posted on our blog.


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