It’s time to sweat with your sweetie!

Wouldn’t be nice if you could take your sweetheart out on a date and at the same time get a great workout? Well now you can!

The Upstate Performance Project now has a date night!!  We will be hosting date nights on select weekend nights for you and that special someone.


The date starts with a 30 minute couples based workout. The workout will be fun and challenging, encouraging the couple to support and push each other. After the workout there will be a 20 minute yoga/partner stretching session to cool down before the meal is served.

IMG_0960        For the meals, simply select which meal you like from the menu below. Then you will enjoy a romantic table for two right on our Main Street entrance, taking in the view of  beautiful West End Greenville. Let the UPP coaches craft the perfect evening for you and your special someone, the cost is $75, payable the night of the date!

Tex-Mex Grilled Chicken Bowl
Beef Tenderloin, Sweet Potatoes, Asparagus
Salmon with pasta and veggies
Tofu Tex-Mex Bowl (vegetarian option)

The Meals are made by Nutrition Solutions, a Greenville Health Systems meal prep and weight management company based here in Greenville.