Closing at 4:00 pm tonight!

WE WILL BE CLOSING AT 4:00 PM TONIGHT TO SET UP FOR THE @libertybridgejumpoff Come by our booth and test your vertical jump, and Broadjump in honor of all of the talented athletes jumping this evening. If you score high enough you might win a sweet discount on our services. #personaltraining #sportsperformance #strengthandconditioning #jump #fitness …

Closing Early Tonight (6:00pm)

Although the roads aren't as bad as the picture above we will be closing early tonight at 6:00pm as the temperatures drop and the roads potentially freeze. We will be opening late Thursday at 10:00am. Stay safe out there, and we will see you soon! -UPP

TBF 1.3.18

Push Jerk/ or X5-6 Push press X5-6 X5-6 Squat 80% x5-6 80% x5-6 80% x5-6 Goodmornings x10 x10 x10 Superset: 4 x 10 each DB press DB Weight______ Lunges  Complex 3 rounds KB swings x 8 Windmills x 5 each Burpees x 5 Pistol squats x2-3 each