Closing Early Tonight (6:00pm)

Although the roads aren't as bad as the picture above we will be closing early tonight at 6:00pm as the temperatures drop and the roads potentially freeze. We will be opening late Thursday at 10:00am. Stay safe out there, and we will see you soon! -UPP

TBF 1.3.18

Push Jerk/ or X5-6 Push press X5-6 X5-6 Squat 80% x5-6 80% x5-6 80% x5-6 Goodmornings x10 x10 x10 Superset: 4 x 10 each DB press DB Weight______ Lunges  Complex 3 rounds KB swings x 8 Windmills x 5 each Burpees x 5 Pistol squats x2-3 each  

TBF 1.2.18

 Power Clean 75% x 6 75% x 6 75% x 6 Bench press 80% x5-6 80% x5-6 Superset w/reverse 80% x5-6 crunches Deadlift 70% x5-6 Move bar fast 70% x5-6 70% x5-6 70% x5-6 Superset: 3 sets of 10 each DB Incline Bench Bent over row Mountain climbers x 30 Complex Dips x 10 2-3 …

TBF 12.7.17

Stretch.   Yes, just stretch and work on recovery and mobility. Don't know what to do? drop us a line and we will show ya!