The Upstate Performance Project? Work UPP, Part 2

In part 1 we talked about how the individual who comes to the Upstate Performance Project enters a system and a philosophy of education and self-empowerment.   Our WakeUPP portion of our philosophy has our members setting goals for themselves as they learn about what they are capable of, and what interests them. We do this through our consultation, which is basically a long conversation where we get to know about what drives you, what holds you back, and everything in between. As we help you down the first part of your journey we hope you find your spark, or what your driving force is that pushes you forward. As you the individual reaches small goals and has some success your self efficacy grows. At this point it is time to WorkUPP.IMG_1722

At this point in your journey (I should mention here there are no time limits for moving along in your journey) you have had some success, and are feeling more confident in your abilities, but also more confident in where you want to go with your fitness and lifestyle. This is where we will help you set those next level goals. Whether its just a natural progression in your strength program,  a race/competition, or simply you are ready to try more things now that you have more confidence in your physical capabilities, you are more capable, and because of this a wider range of activities are now within your reach. In the weight room you are stronger, your program will reflect this by progressing you in intensity. We have spoken about the nine principles of personal training a thousand times, and progression and overload are up to bat here. It is time to challenge you even more. Even in our TBF classes we periodize our routines, and progress our members through the year and we see steady growth, without injury or staleness.

In this WorkUPP phase members are encouraged now to push themselves, and test their abilities in the gym, AND outside of the gym. Here at UPP we really love the quote ” train to live, don’t live to train.”  It’s this mantra that we say to our members so that they know a PR is awesome, but its not what defines them, and it means nothing if it doesn’t help them in some facet of their life. This is the whole point of WorkUPP.  We know that we will get stronger/more fit/etc. but how will we use that new found ability? If your job requires any physicality that is an obvious answer, but we are aiming for a bigger understanding. In short, getting stronger (mentally and physically) should increase your Self-efficacy for being able to accomplish whatever you set you aim to accomplish. IMG_0649

The carry over is that you are more confident (and capable) in all aspects of your life, and this is why we love the WorkUPP phase. Your attitude and demeanor will be noticed by others who will be influenced (directly or indirectly) to make a change in their lives. this impact on others is the intent of WorkUPP, we want to positively influence the community, those in our gym, and those that you work with away from the gym. At this point you will have made new connections, and that will lead to new opportunities to reach out and give back and impact the community as well. WorkUPP is the phase where you find your stride, and the positive attitudes you emote are connected with others, and we grow as gym family to help move Greenville ( and your home communities) forward.


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