The Upstate Performance Project? Wake UPP, Part 1

Project?  What project are we working on? The answer is……….YOU, me, us, anyone that wants to be a part of the UPP family, on ground or online. We are all evolving in our own fitness journey, or life in general, and as such there is always something to improve. We are our own project. Here at UPP we are the physical (or online) place to come to work on yourself. Using our space to better yourself by learning about health and fitness, work on yourself physically, and cultivating new personal connections is exactly what we mean by the word project. Anyone who steps through the door will experience a place where the staff and other members all rally around each other to make your journey the best it can be. Chelsi and I are going to help you by learning all we can about you, so we can help you navigate all the roadblocks that have come, or will come up along the way. If we as a gym community wants to grow, and keep the arrow moving upp then all of our decisions need to better everyone in the community. In order to ensure this we offer classes for beginners to advanced lifters, from yoga to mud runs, for families to 1 on 1 personal training. In each of those avenues there is a camaraderie that is established to help us all stay true to our goals.

In this article series I want to explain how we put together our programs so that our members, our family, all move upp.


When you step into UPP, or sign up for the online training, it is now our job to help steer you down the right path to your goals. Part of this process means that we need to show you how a life long lifestyle change is possible, and what your journey will entail. Each piece of the equation is filled in during our consultation where we get to know about you and your goals. Aside from the basic injury/medical issues we need to cover we basically have a conversation with you and learn about your eating habits, sleep patterns, stress levels, and most importantly what drives and motivates you.  Following the link above will help describe what tools we use to do this, but in short there are many factors that will effect the outcome of your journey and we are here to help you break through those roadblocks. Think of it this way, if you tell us your goals and the issues you’ve had that have caused you to get out of shape, and we write a great plan, adjust your eating habits, that would only be half of the solution. Maybe you fell of the fitness wagon due to a work promotion that has you working crazy hours, and your health took a backseat. In this case a good workout routine and meal plan probably won’t be enough to get results, or at least long term results. Identifying the causes behind past/current behaviors will help us make the change. The best part about all of this is that our members are varied and come with all kinds of experiences that can be used to help and share with the gym, thus we can all help lift each other upp making us a stronger community.

Follow the links to read more about the specific ways we help make behavior changes. ( part 1, part 2, part 3)


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