UPP Challenge Progression: The Pull-upp

Men: 10 weighted pull-UPPs with 25lbs

Women: 10 unbroken pull-UPPs

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The Weighted pull up is one of eleven UPP challenges that will test your strength and mental toughness for sure! Pull ups have long been considered to be a true test of upper body strength, and here at UPP we use them frequently with all levels of clients and athletes. These can be hard enough on their own, but again we like to push our clients to achieve more than they thought they could previously, so we are adding weight (for the men) and several reps for the women. While training for this exercise you will not only increase upper body strength but the physical appearance of the upper body will dramatically change to  reflect a strong, formidable, and capable physique.

If you are already doing pull-upps regularly  I will outline the routine below, but if you are just getting started I would recommend using the frequency method to get started. This means first testing your max number of pull-ups in one set.  Lets say it is 8. Then several times throughout the day, a few days per week you would perform multiple sets of sub-maximal reps. So again, if you can do a max of 8 per set, then several sets of 5-6 each day would do the trick. A sample progression might look like this* BTW this is what I would recommend for the ladies challenge of 10 pull-ups.

Week One – 6 sets of 6 reps

Week Two – 7 sets of 6 reps

Week Three – 7 sets of 7 reps

Week Four – 8 sets of 7 reps

Week Five – 8 sets of 8 reps

Week Six – 9 sets of 8 reps

Week Seven – 9 sets of 9 reps

Week Eight – 10 sets of 9 reps

*credit John Shaffer

Now, you might not have access to a pull-up bar all day, thus making this method a bit tricky. Instead try to pepper in 3-4 sets while you are at the gym doing your normal workout.  Not all at once, but spread them out throughout the hour or so you are there. Add a  rep or two to the sets each week.

So  now that you are (or are already) doing 8-10 pullups in a row lets start to full progression.

3x/week  for 8 weeks!

Day one: weighted pull-ups,  3×3 starting with 25lbs.

Every other week add a rep, at 4 weeks at another set, and add 2.5 lbs-5 each week if you hit all the reps.

Day Two: 4-6 sets of 2 reps under your 1 set max reps.

Every other week try to add one rep per set.

Day three: Pull-up negatives 3-4 sets of a slow negative. get up anyway you want, and lower yourself down slowly .

Start at a 15 sec negative rep and add a few seconds each week.

Please ask any questions or come in and we will help you get started on this challenge!


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