Is Your Lack of Exercise Hurting Your Career?

Often in business the saying “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” is very true. Whether you are trying to close a deal, or make a big presentation, presenting yourself well will go a long way. Doing well in presentations, or making the sale is exactly how we as businessmen and women climb the ladder in our respective worlds. We are driven individuals who are willing to put in the work to make sure we are mentally prepared for the task at hand. We have big goals, and will work long hours to get where we want to go. But are you up for the task physically?

Before you answer that let me paint a very basic picture. Lets say there are two people bidding on a big job for their company. Both have good proposals, both answer questions well, and both companies have a good track record. One of the salesman has a strong confident look, with a nice pressed suit that is tailored to his athletic build. The other salesman seems a little shy, overweight, and his clothes don’t seem to fit well.


The reality is people seem to respond well to people that seem well put together, and all things equal, the confident, strong,  well dressed salesman projects a sense of personal detail and dedication that the company sees as an insight to how that whole company is run. This man gets the job for his company. Now, here at the Upstate Performance Project we are about health first and foremost, and we want everyone to be fit, healthy, and to lead fulfilling lifestyles. Training JUST to look good is not what we promote, but it is an awesome side effect of the style of training we promote. We want people to succeed in reaching their goals. if being at the top of their company is a goal, then we want to help them with that as well, because we know that the hard work will build that confidence needed to close the deal and make the sale. Becoming a stronger version of yourself will carryover to all areas of your life including your career. We call this self-empowerment through strength training. When we take the time to take care of the only body we will have, not only are we making ourselves healthier, but we are taking our lives back. The doors open because we are more capable human beings. Again, we have the confidence and self-efficacy to get things done.index

You have no problem burning the midnight oil to learn all you can about your job, now use that drive to build UPP your physical self  and reach even higher heights in your career pursuits. Plus being in better physical condition means, you have the stamina to work the long hours, you’ll be less likely to get sick (read: increased productivity.)

The Upstate Performance Project is a project that aims to make people the best they can be. We train athletes, folks fresh out of physical therapy, high powered execs, and everyone else. Each one of these groups has the goal to be the best they can be at what ever drives and motivates them. WE CAN HELP. We want you to close the deal, be a shark in the boardroom, and be that  confident sales agent who rocks every sale. We are a brick and mortar gym as well as an online presence, so please reach out to us and let us help you with the most important project, YOU.saleman

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