Total Athlete Challenge

One of the things we do best here at The Upstate Performance Project is train athletes. We have a passion for helping athletes reach new heights, and understand their body, and how to take care of it, to prevent injury and increase performance. our Total Body Fitness class is programmed to do just that. It is a comprehensive, progressive class that will produce results without the fear of injury from over use.  

We are also passionate about progress and competition. With that in mind we are super excited to announce the first TOTAL ATHLETE CHALLENGE. This will be a series of events/exercises that will test the main parameters of physical athleticism; STRENGTH, POWER, SPEED, AGILITY, AND ENDURANCE. Set up in quasi-combine style format we will have 8-10 events to test you in the aforementioned parameters. So, here are the details:

When: December 2nd, starting at 8:00 am REGISTER HERE!

Athletes will be placed in heats of 6 starting every 45 minutes.

Cost: $15, cost includes a shirt. Online registration (available starting 10/27/2017), or register at the gym!

Age divisions: We will have an open division for all ages, and a masters division for athletes over 40.

*Weight Classes: In addition to the age divisions the weight classes are as follows:

Men:  174 lbs and below, 175-199 lbs.,  200+   Female:  149 and below, 150 +

* within each weight class we will score the power clean and squat events using the Wilks coefficient in order to account for a wide range of weights per class. For example,  if a male lifter weighs 176lbs, and squats 300lbs and a lifter in the same division weighing 199 lifts 305lbs, the lighter athlete will win due to his strength per lb being higher as determined by the Wilks coefficient. it looks like this: 176 has a coefficient of .6836  so  ( 300 x .6838 = 205.08) and the 199lb lifter has a coefficient of .6374 so ( 305 x .6374 =194.407) So adjusting for weight the lighter lifter in this case wins because pound for pound he was stronger.

EVENTS  in order of performance (videos and descriptions to follow)

  1. 1 repetition max (RM)  power clean. After a warm up you will be given 3 attempts to hit a 1 RM Power clean.
  2. 1 RM Squat. Same format as the power clean.
  3. Bench press for reps. Each weight class will have a specific weight on the bar, and you will simply press it as many times as you can.  (ties will go to the lighter lifter) weights: The 174lb and below men will bench 185 for reps. The 175-199lb men will press 205lbs, and the 200lb + men will press 225. For the ladies: the 149 and below group will press 75lbs, and the 150+ group will press 95lbs.
  4. Vertical Jump: A few warm up attempts will be allowed, then it will be the best of 3 jumps
  5. Standing Broad Jump. This again will be the best of 3 jumps.
  6. Sled push. 40 meter sprint (there is a turn around at 20 meters) for the 174 and below, AND the 175-199lb men the the weight will be the sled plus 90lbs., the 200lb men will have the sled plus 140lbs.  All ladies will have 75lbs on the sled.
  7. 20 meter sprint.  Run fast. For 20 meters. Runners can take 3 attempts if they wish, fastest time will be recorded.
  8. “T” drill cone agility.  3 attempts are allowed, fastest time is recorded. The cones are in a “T” formation  5 yards apart, the athlete sprints 5 yards to the middle cone, side steps 5 yards to the left cone, side steps 10 yards to the right cone, side steps 5 yards back to the middle cone, then back peddles 5 yards to the first cone.
  9. Mile Run for time.

*** For any overall ties we will have a plank-off. Who can hold the longest plank.

Stay tuned for more information, please call or come by with any questions! The online registration link will be live on Friday the 27th!




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