1. IMG_0598 What kind of equipment do you have?   We have over 4200 sq.Ft. of open functional space, including over 1600 sq.ft. of turf! We have a full set of dumbbells (5-100), 3 squat racks and a heap of bumper and steel plates. If you are looking for speed and agility work, we have bands, overspeed trainers, parachutes, sleds, box jumps, slam balls, medballs, and more!!!!!!
  2. So is this a CrossFit?  No. We are a personal training/sports performance studio, Although there are similar tenants to CrossFit, our focus is on personal training and helping athletes pursue sports specific training. We do also have open gym times  all day so you can come and do your own training. We offer group exercise classes for yoga, a weightlifting class, and a group strength training class, TBF ( Total Body Fitness)IMG_0596
  3. Do you have locker rooms/showers/towels? Our showers and private changing rooms are soon to be installed, and no we do not have a towel service.
  4. So your gym is just, like, a regular gym? Nope! although you can come and do your own routine, we are here to help! Chelsi and Pete aim to be available to help you on your fitness journey. Everyone gets a consultation, even if you are not doing personal training, so that you can have the information you need to succeed. We promote training hard towards your goals, and we also provide an in house recovery program. Cold tubs, e-stim, sports massage (deep and targeted,) dry needling, and other recovery options. We know that the recovery aspect is just as important as pushing yourself through a set of squats! IMG_0597


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